Scambio culturale France 2015

È stato un viaggio fantastico, ci siamo immersi in una cultura diversa dalla nostra, abbiamo imparato qualche parola e piccole frasi di francese e siamo stati a contatto con un sistema scolastico diverso del nostro. È stata un’esperienza indimenticabile e speriamo che gli scambi futuri siano altrettanto emozionanti.

From the 3rd to the 8th of May we went to Toulouse, in France, for a cultural exchange. Toulouse, also known as the pink city, as the majority of the buildings are built with reddish-pink bricks, is a wonderful city, big enough to find whatever you are looking for, but small enough to go around walking or by bike. The weather was awesome and everything was perfect.

Nous avons visité Toulouse , le Capitole et les églises, la Cité de l’Espace et Carcassone et nous avons mangé des spécialités de la région comme le cassoulet, la saucisse de Toulouse, l’entrecòte, les crépes, les croissants, les macarons et nous avons fait des photos et vidéos et nous nous sommes beaucoup amusés.

The families were welcoming and sweet and made us feel as if we were at home. The French correspondents organized for us a lot of activities, for example the first day we went to play bowling, another we went to have lunch in a park along the river Garonne, and enjoyed every moment of it